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Tom Swifties... 
ultimate game of wordplay and intelligence"
© 2003 Stephen D. Glass
All Rights Reserved.

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"The sun will be up soon," sighed Dot mournfully.
"The swarm has left the neighborhood," Tom believed.
"The wind tore the clapboards off of my house," said Tom decidedly.
"The wrecker truck should be here shortly," Tom said accidentally.
"There are no spots on this crystal," said Tom clearly.
"There is everyone?" asked Tom lonely.
"There's a fringe element out there," Tom said rather edgy.
"There's a volume of trollops" Tom said horridly. "Ask Pam, the librarian. She'll know."
"There's no point to it," said Tom dully.
"There's something funny about the way this beef carcass has been butchered," Tom said
to side-splitting laughter.
"These are my oldest sneakers," Tom said conversely.
"These cigarettes taste funny," said two of our (unnamed) pals jointly.
"These days are all running together and it's wearing me out," Tom said weakly.
"These gloves feel just right," said Tom fittingly.
"These grapes will make some terrific wine," Tom said divinely.
"These jockey shorts are riding up on me," Tom said briefly.
"They keep trying to dig up trash on me," Tom said down in the dumps.
"They put me in a full-body cast," Tom said stiffly.
"They traded all the southpaws off my team," said Tom who was now left all alone.
"They're out of cantaloupes at the store," said Tom all melancholically.
"They're trying to evacuate us from the base of that volcano," Tom said venting his anger.
"They've cast my orange tabby in the lead of the new movie 'Kat Kong'. It's going to be pretty gruesome," Tom said.
"They've torn down the entire group of stores," Tom said dismally.
"This crab claw feast is a dream come true," Tom said pinching himself.
"This is a huge undertaking," Tom said morbidly.
"This is an odd winter sport," he observed, curling his lip.
"This is for PegOMy  for jumping on the bandwagon," Pam said melodically.
"This is the end," Dot said periodically.
"This lettuce is fresh," Tom said crisply.
"This Swiftie goes to Steve for returning the board after an unjust cleansing," Pam said wrongfully.
"Those beans gave me gas," Tom fumed.
"Throw some more coal in the boiler," the captain bellowed.
  "To Mike! A man for all seasons!" Dot exclaimed in summary, springing into action after the lethargy she had fallen into this winter.
"To Steve, for his tsunami of Swifties," Pam said with a wave.
"Today was my first day in the pool," Tom said all wet behind the ears.
"Tom Swifties are probably the ultimate game of wordplay and intelligence," Tom said fundamentally.
"Try heavy metal," he advised ironically.
"Two.. Four.. Six.. Eight.. Who do we appreciate?" Tom said enchantingly.
  "Usually, we first go to the meetings. Next, we'll check out the exhibits. Then we head for the hospitality rooms," Tom said conventionally.
"Venus de Milo is a beautiful statue," Tom said disarmingly.
"Wanna tie me up?" asked one of our friends knottily .
"We always keep the ice cream in the frozen foods section," said Tom icily.
"We are a close-knit family," said Johnson bainesfully.
"We cannot bare it," Tom a-dressed the crowd. "This cannot be borne. In fact, it's inconceivable."
"We can't go yet, because my engine has flooded out," said Tom stalling for time.
"We don't need the Babe," the Boston Red Sox owner said ruthlessly.
"We just don't have enough couples to have a hayride," Tom said baling out.
"We only like people of our own kind," said Pat Buchanan klannishly.
"We 're doing one of Bacon's plays," Tom said hamming it up.
"We should be saving more money," said Tom sensibly.
"We will never compromise with terrorists," said Reagan iranically.
"Well shut my mouth," said Tom staring agape.
"Well, there's another week of hard work down the toilet," Tom flushed.
"Well, there's no doubt. I ran over a nail," Tom stated flatly.
"We're all out of Windex," Tom said unclearly. (panefully?)
"We're gonna DO this again and again until we get it right...again," Tom said redundantly.
"We're having auditions to be in next year's chorus," Tom required.
"We're headed for the Bahamas," said Tom cruising.
"We're studying coral reefs," said Tom looking for sponge activities.
"We've got to stop being exposed to so much profanity," Tom discussed.
"What a grand dam," Tom said coolly.
"What are you bar-b-queing for the cookout?" asked Tom while grilling his neighbor.
"What are you eating?" said Tom tongue in cheek.
"What beautiful bananas," John said handily.
"What do you think we'll find when we land on Mars?" Tom probed.
"What is all this chicken doo-doo?" asked Tom foully.
"What Japanese fleet?" asked Roosevelt, harboring no grudges.
"What wonderful Roman architecture!" Tom exclaimed archly.
"What's ailing my foot?" Tom asked while walking on his foot gingerly.
"What's taking them so long to get my clam order," Tom said steaming.
"What's that in the road, a head?" Tom asked with a splitting headache.
"When I die, I want a nice burial at sea," Tom said decently.
"When I grow up I want to be a prestidigitator," said Tom magically.
"Where did the winter go?" asked Tom with a spring in his step.
"Where have you bean?" Tom said half bakedly.
"Where's the game?" asked the pep squad cheerfully.
"Where's the rhyme and reasoning in this?" Tom asked poetically.
"Which would you rather do or go fishing?" said Tom ambiguously.
"Who has been using my ax?" demanded Tom bluntly.
"Who is the vice president?" Dot asked allegorically. 
"Who made this year's Who's Who?" Tom asked inquiringly.
"Who's that guy on 60 minutes?" "That's Mr. Safer," Tom said morally.
"Why are you ignoring my Kitty, Mike? I didn't think it was such a lemon," Pam asked with a sour puss.
"Why does that smoke come out of a starter's gun at the beginning of races?" Tom asked blankly.
"Why Scarlet, what will I ever do with you," Tom asked Rhettorically.
"Why, this is a golden moment!" Dot glowingly commented.
"Will you wear this ring?" He asked engagingly.
"Wilson is a funny comedian," he observed flippantly.
"Would you like to try this new blue laundry soap?" asked Tom cheerfully.
"Writing computer code is a tedious task," Tom said softwarily.
"www dot org WHAT?" he asked nettled.
"Yep, I'm ready for my blind date," Tom said totally prepaired.
"Yes, doctor. I think we have a heartbeat again," Tom said repulsively.
"Yes, I've been idle for awhile, and I want to continue," Tom responded idly.
"Yes. I felt the earthquake tremors," Tom said shaking in his boots.
"Yikes! You should have warned me that the fence was electrified," Tom charged.
"You can bet I'll sleep late in the morning," said Tom rest assured.
"You can catch more fish if you put extra lines with hooks into the water," Tom said efficiently.
  "You got the punchline of the joke about the three guys in the punch line at the reception?" Tom asked his caterer while just a little bit punchy.
"You guys better stop me before I drink myself to death," Tom said barrelly audible.
"You guys shouldn't e-mail and call me a cereal killer," said Tom posting his message to the boards.
"You know I get easily annoyed every time I have to take a big exam," Tom blurted out testily.
"You should try the swamp platter at that restaurant near the Okeefenokee," said Tom feeling really close to nature.
"You spray your pans with WHAT?" Pam asked slickly.
"You'd think it was glamorous at the top, but it's really not," Tom said topically.
"You're on my turf now," Tom said territorially.
"You've got to put one foot in front of the other and just keep moving along," Tom said pacing himself.

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