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Tom Swifties... 
ultimate game of wordplay and intelligence"
© 2003 Stephen D. Glass
All Rights Reserved.

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"I don't do business over the telephone," Tom said to the telemarketer in his phony voice.
"I don't get it, Jane," Pam said unacquisitively.
"I don't have the right kind of bread for my Reuben sandwich," Tom said wryly.
"I don't know what to do now since I had my lobotomy," Tom said mindlessly.
"I don't mind flying," Tom said plainly.
"I don't mind standing in line," Tom said calmly (columnly).
"I don't mind teaching school; it's the principal of the thing," Tom said administratively.
"I don't think anyone will want to marry me with all my bills," said Tom loanly.
"I don't think the stucco company is trying to stonewall us," Tom said concretely.
"I don't think they want me to continue my painting career," Tom said uneasily.
"I don't think we'll ever get back together," Humpty Dumpty said broken-heartedly.
"I don't think you really want to know if I can dance," said Tom side-stepping the issue.
"I don't want to try fire-walking," Tom said charily.
"I dress this way everyday," says the nun habitually.
"I enjoy church services in the country, too," Rev. Tom said pastorally.
"I expect to be published before the year's out," Tom announced authoritatively.
"I feel as hung-over as a termite on a wooden yoyo," Tom said dizzily.
"I feel for you, Pam, but I just can't reach you from here," Mike said grippingly.
"I feel like I am El Nino today," Tom said sweating profusely while working out in the garden.
"I feel like I've just been mauled," said Tom just returning from the big sales event.
"I feel so at home out here in the woods," said Tom naturally.
"I feel so ugly as I go through this growing spurt," Tom said gruesomely.
"I feel so wonderful when I gaze into the heavens at night," said Tom uptimistically.
"I feel worthless today," Tom said spammishly.
"I feel your pain," the president said touchingly.
"I finally got the baby to drink from the milk bottle," Tom said successfully.
"I got left out of the will," Tom said unfortunately.
"I got the runs," said Tom loosely.
"I gotta' run," said Tom swiftly.
"I guess I forgot how I was supposed to cook your meat," Tom said mistakenly.
"I guess I have to get ready for my 'Dog & Pony show'," Tom said hoarsely while horsing around.
"I had a fight with my girlfriend Katy, at the edge of that little lake," Tom pontificated.
"I had the wrong answer to the quadratic," said Pablo radically wrong.
"I hate filling out these 1040s," Tom said taxingly.
"I hate irony," said Tom metallically.
"I hate the taste of Copenhagen," Tom spat.
"I hate these plastic tennis racket strings," Tom complained gutlessly.
"I have a difficult time writing poems," Tom said adversely.
"I have feaux teeth left," said Tom faking his smile.
"I have no idea how long this could run," Mike said indefinitely.
"I haven't felt the same since my bypass," Tom said half-heartedly.
"I hear they have cauliflower," said Tom all ears.
"I hope I'll still get one last chance to date the Nanny," Tom said Frantically.
"I insist on carrying you across the threshold," Tom said adoringly.
"I just closed another sale," Tom said talking through his cell phone.
"I just don't remember very much about my fraternity initiation," Tom said hazily.
"I just had a wonderful time taking my sweetheart to Atlanta for Valentine's Day," Tom said wholeheartedly.
"I just hate having to sleep under canvas," said Tom intensely.
"I just joined the Marines," Tom grunted.
"I just won the local arm wrestling championship!" Tom said single-handedly.
"I keep falling down," said Tom prone to having accidents.
"I keep getting stuck in this bog every time I come down here," Tom said repeatedly.
"I know how the Venus de Milo feels," Tom said disarmingly.
"I know pornography when I see it," he said smutly.
"I know where I left my prosthesis," Tom remembered.
"I let him win," said Dot second-handedly.
"I like the way Mike rose to the occasion," Tom said all flowery.
"I love camping out," Tom said intensely.
"I love gardening," Pam said earthily.
"I love my new Lay-Z-Boy," said Tom cherishing his new recliner.
"I love people, places, and things," Tom pronounced.
"I love playing spades," Tom said diggin' it.
"I love rock music," Tom noted geologically.
"I love scuba diving with my wife," Tom said deeply.
"I love this interactive exhibit," Tom said touchingly.
"I love this writing style," Tom said fontly.
"I love three letter acronyms," said Tom TLA'ing.
"I love to float in my inner tube," Tom said, entirely enjoying himself.
"I love to sing at the bottom of the well," Tom said in a deep voice.
"I love trying out for parts in plays," Tom said characteristically.
"I must give the pot another layer of soil," Marianne said repeatedly.
"I need a change of diet," said the termite woodenly.
"I need some sandpaper with the larger grains," Tom said rather coarsely.
"I need to find a formula," she said methodically.
"I never tell blonde jokes," said Tom fairly.
"I really, really love my pets," Tom said animatedly.
"I refuse to use pentium," said Tom unintelligibly.
"I scratched the CD I dropped," Tom said with a slipped disk.
"I see," said the blind man to his deaf wife as he picked up his hammer and saw!
"I spend a lot of time picking up recyclable aluminum," Tom said candidly.
"I suppose I should plant the field," he said with furrowed brow.
"I sure would love to play with that mermaid," Tom said naughtically.
"I think I can win the bakeoff," Tom said rising to the occasion.
"I think I had too much to drink," said one of our pals lushly.
"I think I spent too much on this iron fence," Tom said overwrought.
"I think I took too many aspirins," said Tom barely audible.
"I think I'll go ahead and take that job at the think tank," Tom said thoughtfully.
"I think I'll have salad for lunch today," said Tom thinking ahead.
"I think I'll try something new like writing a book," Tom said novelly.
"I think I'll wear my powder blue leisure suit Saturday night when I go out night-clubbing," Tom said dating himself.
"I think I'm all washed up," said Tom agitatedly.
"I think I'm going to move those weights out of the garage," Tom pondered metaphysically.
"I think that funny noise is the tire," Tom said flatly.
"I think the last page of my book should have one of my paintings on it," said Tom drawing his conclusions.
"I think they'll suspect our penmanship," Tom said with an inkling.
"I think we can prove it," Tom said theoretically.
"I think were in this for the long haul," Tom said moved.
"I think we've had a bit too much," said Tom tightly.
"I think you're trying to make an ass out of you and me," said Tom assumingly.

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