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The New McGuffey Fourth Reader
by William H. McGuffey, Compiler



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[The Elocutionary Introduction and pronunciation markups are
omitted in this edition because of abundance of non-ascii characters.] 
Young Benjamin Franklin -- Nathaniel Hawthorne
A Hard Word
A Song -- James Whitcomb Riley
The Journey of Life. An Allegory
What I live for
Try Again! -- Charlotte Elizabeth
True Manliness
The Miller of the Dee -- Charles Mackay
A Boy on a Farm -- Charles Dudley Warner
Meddlesome Mattie
The Eagle
The Old Eagle Tree -- John Todd
A New Kind of Fun -- From the German
Two Ways of telling a Story -- Henry K. Oliver
The Blind Men and the Elephant -- John G. Saxe
Harry's Riches
A Happy New Year -- Margaret E. Sangster
Jeanette and Jo -- Mary Mapes Dodge
Watseka. An Indian Legend
Harry and his Dog -- Mary Russell Milford
Little Boy Blue -- Eugene Field
If I were a Boy
The Tempest -- James T. Fields
The Right Way -- Frank R. Stockton
An Adventure with Wolves
The Old Oaken Bucket -- Samuel Woodworth
The Farmer and the Fox -- James Anthony Frowde
Hiawatha's Childhood -- H. W. Longfellow
At Rugby School -- Thomas Hughes
Somebody's Darling -- Marie La Coste
The Captive -- John R. Musick
The Star-Spangled Banner -- F. S. Key
Our National Banner -- Edward Everett
Burning the Fallow -- Susanna Moodie
Piccola -- Celia L. Thaxter
The Mountain and the Squirrel -- R. W. Emerson
Strange Stories of Ants: White Ants -- Henry Drummond
Strange Stories of Ants: Red Ants -- Jules Michelet
Dear Country Mine -- R. W. Gilder
My Country
The Four MacNicols -- William Black
The Blue and the Gray -- Ellen H. Flagg
The Captain's Feather -- Samuel M. Peck
The Ride to London -- Charles Dickens
The Planting of the Apple Tree -- W. C. Bryant
The Apple -- John Burroughs
The Bugle Song -- Alfred Tennyson
The Story of Captain John Smith -- John Esten Cooke
On the Banks of the Tennessee -- W. D. Gallagher
Good Will -- J. T. Trowbridge
The Good Reader
A Legend of Bregenz -- Adelaide A. Procter
The Golden Touch -- Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Brook -- Alfred Tennyson
The Sermon on the Mount -- Bible
The Song of Steam -- G. W. Cutter
The Gentle Hand -- T. S. Arthur
Spring -- Henry Timrod
Marion's Men -- William Gilmore Simms
The Pied Piper of Hamelin -- Robert Browning


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