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The New McGuffey Fourth Reader
by William H. McGuffey, Compiler

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I love my country's vine-clad hills,

Her thousand bright and gushing rills,

Her sunshine and her storms;

Her rough and rugged rocks that rear

Their hoary heads high in the air,

In wild fantastic forms.

I love her rivers deep and wide,

Those mighty streams that seaward glide,

To seek the ocean's breast;

Her smiling fields, her pleasant vales,

Her shady dells, her flowery dales--

Abodes of peaceful rest.

I love her forests, dark and lone,

For there the wild-bird's merry tone

I hear from morn till night;

And lovelier flowers are there, I ween,

Than e'er in Eastern lands were seen

In varied colors bright.

Her forests and her valleys fair,

Her flowers that scent the morning air,

All have their charms for me;

But more I love my country's name,

Those words that echo deathless fame--

The Land of Liberty.



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