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The Little Glass Slipper and other Stories
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01 Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper
02 Fanny's Telephone Order
03 The Raindrops' New Dresses 
04 Sir Gobble
05 What is It?
06 John's Bright Idea
07 A Sad Thanksgiving Party
08 Guy and the Bee
09 Mean Boy
10 Naughty Pumpkin's Fate 
11 Something About Fires
12 The Ice-King's Reign
13 Malmo, the Wounded Rat
14 Mama's Happy Christmas
15 Cured of Carelessness
16 A Visit from a Prince
17 Stringing Cranberries 
18 Christmas in California
19 A Troublesome Call
20 Bertie's Corn-Popper
21 Fire! Fire! Fire!
22 The Dolls and the Other Dolls 
23 Why Did Mamma Change Her Mind? 
24 Clara's Funeral
25 The Chickadee-Dee
26 The Children's Party
27 Brave Tomasso
28 Tommy Frost Sees a Bear
29 Myself
30 Two Strange Sights
31 A Cat's Instincts
32 Dinah's New Year's Presents
33 Night Flowers
34 The First Snow Storm 
35 Fred's Stolen Ride 
36 A Valentine Party
37 The Venturesome Rat
38 The Bear's Feast
39 Patty-Sayings
40 Babie's Curls
41 The Red Apples
42 Bubbles
43 A Horse Who Wore Snow Shoes
44 The Angry Bobolink
45 How Hiram Spent His Shrimp Money
46 The Ant's House
47 The Foolish Pug
48 The Silhouette Party
49 The Snow Birds
50 A Kind Heart
51 Towser Talks
52 Just as She Pleased
53 The Working Tools of Insects


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