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The Little Glass Slipper and other Stories
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Tommy Frost was making his first visit in the country. He was
enjoying it very much. He liked to ramble about in the woods
close by the house of his aunt, Mrs. Drew. Tommy had never even
seen any birds before this, but pigeons and sparrows. That is,
any birds out of cages. He had lived all his short life in the
centre of a great city. He wanted very much to see a wild animal.
He had heard Mr. Drew and some of his friends talking about "bear
tracks" in the woods. Mr. Drew said they must go off some day and
hunt for that bear.

Now Tommy had no idea what a bear was like. He wished very much
that he might see one. Every day he said to himself, "If I could
only find the one the big men were talking about I'd feel proud."
One day as he was strolling about, he suddenly saw something
moving in one of the trees. He stopped, and looked up excitedly,
then he rushed for the house screaming at the top of his voice,
"Aunt Maria! Aunt Maria! come quick, I've seen it, it's in the

"What is in the woods?" asked Mrs. Drew.

"The bear!" cried Tommy.

"The bear?" repeated Mrs. Drew, hardly understanding.

Then she drew a long breath and turned very white as she stood a
moment shielding her eyes from the sun, looking in the direction
in which Tommy pointed. Then she ran back into the house, and
came out in a moment, bringing with her a huge horn. It was a
megaphone. She was trembling so she could scarcely lift it, but
she managed to raise it to her mouth and call through it. "John!
Murray! come! come this instant! The bear is in the woods back of
the house."

In a few moments her husband and brother came running from the
field where they were at work.

They stopped for no questions, but rushed into the house for
their guns. But as they came out Mr. Drew asked, "Who saw it?
When, where?"

"I did, said Tommy, not a bit frightened, but feeling very
excited and proud. "I did, back there in a tree."

"In a tree?" cried Mrs. Drew's brother, stopping in his quick run
for the woods.

"Yes," said Tommy, "it was a bear, but it looked,--it LOOKED just
like my picture of a wiggle-tail."

"Oh," cried Mrs. Drew, as she sank on the door-step, "the child
has seen a gray squirrel!"



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