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Fountain of Wisdom: Nurses
© 2003 Stephen D. Glass
All Rights Reserved.
Americans' favorite inspirational, motivational funny sayings, phrases and quotes from nurses (RN, LPN, CNA and others in nursing professions) from all over the U.S.

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Take a deep breath.
Take care of the elderly, because tomorrow it could be you.
Take the muffins when they're passed!
Tall, blonde, and mean as a snake…any questions?
Tell me where it hurts.
Tell me whom you love, and I will tell you who you are.
Temptation is the only thing I can't resist.
Thank GOD for each new day, and be happy with what you have.
That which doesn't kill me only makes me stronger.
The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.
The best things in life are worth waiting for!
The courage to follow your dream is the first step toward your destiny.
The eyes are the windows to the soul.
The FASTER I go ...the BEHINDER I get!
The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams.
The future is in the hands of those who believe in their dreams and see them as reality!
  The grass may always appear to be greener on the other side of the fence, but it needs to be mowed and watered and probably has thistles.
The great calamity is not to have failed, but to have failed to try.
The greatest part our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not our circumstances.
The life condition which appreciates the beauty of Mount Fuji is within us, not on Mount Fuji.
The Lord is the keeper of the key to my soul, and I am the keeper of the key to my heart.
The more successful you get, the less time you have for lunch.
The more we learn, the more we have to learn.
The one with the most smile lines wins!
  The only gracious way to accept an insult is to ignore it. If you can't ignore it, top it. If you can't top it, laugh at it. If you can't laugh at it, it's probably deserved.
"The people and circumstances around me do not MAKE me what I am. They REVEAL who I am." --- Dr. Laura Schlessinger
The significance of oneself cannot be measured by the fame and glory of this world.
The squeaky wheel gets oiled first!
The sweetest thing in life you'll ever see is a happy girl.
The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing, and then they marry him.
The truth is out there!
The truth shall set you free, but first it will really piss you off!
The world will only meet you halfway.
There are easier things in life than meeting a good man…nailing Jell-O to a tree, for instance!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart...pursue those.
There are no strangers...just friends we haven't met.
There are only two ways of spreading light... to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
There is no such thing as coincidence.
There is nothing I can't do!
There is nothing in life that is THAT important.
There's nothing like a woman in uniform.
There's nowhere to go when down, but up!
There are two theories about arguing with a woman. Neither one works.
They can have my guns when they pry them from my cold dead hands.
Things always work out!
Things happen for a reason, good or bad.
This isn't a dressed rehearsal. Make the most out of life while you have a chance.
This won't hurt a bit.
  Thousands of years ago cats were thought of as Gods. Cats have never forgotten this! Cats are smarter than dogs. You can't get eight cats to pull a sled through the snow!
Tickle we not laugh? Prick we not bleed? Wrong us...shall we not revenge?
"Time's fun when you're having flies." --- Kermit the Frog
Tis better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.
To be or not to be, that is the question!
To be or not to be...that is not for you to decide. It's the doctors' choice.
To dream a dream takes adventure to follow your dream and takes courage. To live your dream is pure heaven.
To dream of the person you want to be is to kill the person you are!
To handle yourself, use your head. To handle others, use your heart.
To infinity and beyond!
To run with the big dog, you can't pee like a puppy.
To the world you might be somebody, but to somebody you might be the world.
Today I cherish. Tomorrow I dust.
Today is a fun day, no matter how bad it is.
Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
  Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
Treat me good, and I will treat you better!
Treat me like an angel, and I'll show you heaven.
Treat me like the princess that I am, and in return you shall be treated as the prince that you are.
Treat people like you want to be treated.
True love is doing something for someone, even if it hurts.
Trust me. I'm a nurse.
Turn the page.
Unconditional love is all that is real. Everything else is an illusion.
Use it or lose it!
We are passing thru but once. Make it count.
We do all the dirty work!
We don't make much money,  but we sure do have fun.
We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.
  "We shall steer safely through every storm, so long as our  heart is right, our intention fervent, our courage steadfast, and our trust fixed on God!"  --- S.W. Kimball
Welcome to America. Now speak ENGLISH!
Well butter my butt, and call me a bisquit!
We're trapped like sailors on a submarine.
What goes around, comes around!
What goes in always comes out!
What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
Whatever blows your skirt up!
What's for dinner?
What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine.
What's the worst that could happen?
When all else fails, get a lawyer.
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
When the going gets tough, hang in there!
When the hope dies, and the love fades, the dream shrivels up, like a rose in the shade.
When you hug someone, never be the first to let go.
When you lay your dream to rest, it is easy to get second best, but it's hard to get enough.
Where there is a will there is a way.
Who let the dogs out!
Whoa, buddy!
Whoever named it necking was a poor judge of anatomy.
Why can't we all just get along?
Why do we say love hurts? Love doesn't hurt! It is living without love that hurts!
Why don't intelligent people hang out in chat rooms?
  Wives are young men's mistresses, companions to the middle aged, and old men's nurses…So why would you want to be any of those?
Words desrcibing love, as felt by each then given to another, may float on the wind with eternal beauty.
Work hard. Play harder.
Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere.
Yes, but the sex life of a fish is nothing to brag about.
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift!
You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here.
You can look, but no touch!
You can never have enough.
You can never have too many friends.
You can't be a "real woman" if you can't put up your own tent.
You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.
You can't make footprints in the sands of time if you are sitting on your butt. Who wants to make butt prints in the sands of time?
"You don't ask, you don't get." --- Zsa Zsa Gabor
You don't come to love a perfect person. You come to see an imperfect person perfectly.
You get what you deserve.
You got it, share it!
You have to color outside the lines sometimes, if you want to make your life a masterpiece.
You have to have a sense of humor!
You have to learn when to let go.
You have to measure your success by what you had to give up.
You must respect to get respect!
You need to go away.
You never know how much someone means to you, until it's too late.
You never know how something you may say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.
You only have one chance to make a first impression, so AMAZE ME!
"You should be kissed...and someone who knows how."  --- Rhett Butler
You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.
You will never know until you try.
You would not worry about what people think of you, if you knew how little they did.
You'll hear me better if you look me in the eye.
Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook in life.
Your life is what you make it.
You're never too old to learn something new.

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